Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Semma figure : A write up for those understand this word

Some words are specific to era and some, to a genre of species. But here is a collective noun used by both “our” era and reckless genre that depicts the Victoria’s secret, but in our native language: semma figure (figure to be pronounced as figur’u’). The first impression when the word is uttered seems crude and raw instigating a temper rise in anyone who hears it, surprisingly, that is not what happens. I am more than curious to know its origin; may be it was first used by a guy, probably a math freak and didn’t know how to describe his only girl friend.

This word is myriad in itself as it invokes different feelings and reactions in different people. I emphasize this because if pronounced properly and given the appropriate action stimulus, the response could work out in your favour.

(1) To modernize :

Guy 1 : “Machan! Yesterday, I went to the team outing da. There, I saw a semma figure”

Guy 2: “Is it? How was she da?”

Guy 1 : “Red kurta and blue jeans and she had left her hair open. Aiyoo, chanceless da “ (Give a dreamy look to drive in curiosity)

How many of us would see a girl of the same description? One in every street? But the understanding lies in the usage of the word. If I told you I saw a girl or even a pretty girl, it wouldn’t give this effect on the other person. When “semma figure” is used, it would give a sense that Sameera Reddy jumped out of the theatre screen and gave a kiss.

(2) To compliment:

Girl 1 : “Hey, did you see Vijay?”

Girl 2 : “No. why?”

Girl 1: “Want to slap him. He called me figure.” *giggle *giggle*

Just like Sheldon of Big bang theory, I can’t get the hang of sarcasm but my best bet is that she was proud of being called so. It is like being given a credit of a super model. Women may be annoyed with you for using a couple of swear words but not this paradoxical hypocrisy.

(3) An “adjective” ated usage:

Guy 1 : “Mokkai figure da”

Guy 2: “Yes da. Attu figure”

Guy 1: “Suma super figure nu nallapu”

(This could have been the reaction had the red Kurti girl said a no for his date invite. Also, there are no ways to translate this)

The concept here lies in the mixing of words to make it a proper adjective. The word ‘figure’ can be used in more than one way giving it a unique identity. It has various meaning from classy or sexy to rotten or ugly.

(4) Time pass usage:

Teacher: The angle depicted in this figure is 90….


Teacher turns around

“What happened? What is so funny in this figure?”

*more giggle*

Except for the Pi lovers, no one else will miss this instant of mocking mathematics. It is a pleasure in itself which makes you feel even prouder than Aryabhata who approximated Pi to its nearest value. It is like beating him in his own game, the cheap way. This is what the significance of the word is.

To find a word as this is a chance upon a million. A multi oriented word invoking different of reaction, sentiments and making language and expression easy.

I once remember my friend’s comment when his GF told him that she was called as one of the “figures” in her office. He just claimed even “8” was a figure.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Worked out at work place

In this 21st century, at the age of 24, you are definitely aged. You seem to have experienced everything in all aspects. Well, almost everything. Apparently, with this very same superior feeling, I have been interning at an advertisement agency. This is not my first “corporate “experience, still, I don’t get the hang of it.

Previous to this, I worked in an IT company and tried to fit into the best of professional character.Most of the time, food, water and clothing did not matter because of work pressure and late night shifts. I had the usual complains: less salary, more work and bad bosses. It stayed in mind to criticize and crib about the work load and company.All this, I did it without any remorse.Quite often they asked me to stay back because I was new to the work and had to learn a lot. The sad part was that this was the impression given to me for almost a year. If someone stayed for 16 hours at his cubicle meant he was the most hardworking and should be given better grades. Not long did I realize that programming never seemed to flow in my blood. Now, I have been corrected; there is nothing passionate or inherent talent flowing, but the usual RBCs and WBCs. Then, I realized it was high time I sought after better “standards” of living. With many futile attempts with applications and examinations, I ended pursuing MBA and I am back to square one.

I must agree that interning at an ad agency is much more chilled and less stressful;there is a difference between hectic and stressful. I got to know how things worked and what is expected of me. I am constantly reminded of who is the boss around and I need to give due respect. Here, we are allowed to dress in any attire and it dawned to me that miniskirts are not a thing to be worn only at night. I am a conservative south Indian, you know. Putting the jigsaw puzzle together,it seemed that this is what I wanted. Right? I sought for freedom to dress, move around, network, flexible timings and informal environment. It was never a stressful job that boggled my mind every time I was assigned to it. This was something I enjoyed doing. Being a little sane on the creative end, even executing a task was not tough at all. Everything seemed picture perfect.

Still, in the corner of my mind is a nag; a nag that says that I am not very happy or satisfied. There is no elated feeling of accomplishment that I used to get in my previous work. This was monotonous and no permanent friends as some one or the other left the agency every two months. There was no joy eating together smiling artificially or looking at every face that was enjoying alcohol in a team party.

In despair,I began to wonder if I could ever be satisfied with any job. After some thought and little prod around, it dawned to me that it was not just me but with many others. Though many did not work in two entirely different industries as I did, the complains did not end. It was nothing to do with oneself or the job but the sync that prevailed between the two. When the person performed the same task over again and again, he sure is bound to get bored and state of restlessness settles in. The complains start and monotony continue. This was the same thing with me. I could not see any of them as challenging or problem to solve, rather, I looked at them as a measure to satisfy someone, the client or the boss or the guide. I did not seem to understand why I am working but was doing everything with no mind of my own.

It was my perception that did not satisfy me and not the work place. To love my job, I have to change the way I look at a task. And for that, I need to look at it as a challenge. So, I was looking at a couple of a soap advertisement and framing taglines. I had to trigger the interest within but certain interests are inherent.If thats the case, why not make them your profession? Is it possible? I am very sure more than 80% percent would be answering a “no” mentally to this question. Maybe these interests are not invoked in our jobs but we have a choice to make something out of it. Why not try to bring together what we like and what you want to do? With the same lines of thought, I wrote this article

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dear men,

(I remember one of my friend's note on women. Wanted to reply there but it could have seemed feministic. That is not the intention.)

No, this is not another one of those moments where every girl is cute but dumb and every guy is the overly "saintified". This is for the 'men', group of gender who think they know all that exist and everything that might cease to extinct. Maybe, it’s true. And we agree. That makes the essence of rest of the article.

(1) We are the most confused creatures. It is not because of enumerable options that lie in front of us but we think too much and for everyone. Most of the times, everyone is equally important for us.That is not a problem; it is entangled strings of thoughts that make decisions confusing for us. The only suggestion we would make here is don’t confuse us more. We understand your in-depth knowledge of everything but leave certain things to us. Especially when dealing another woman.

(2) We are sick of the jokes that are made on us, yet, we would laugh at yours. It is not sympathy or pity. We thought that was your intention. To make us laugh, right? *giggle giggle*

(3) We are lost when it comes to direction. Just as you are lost when it comes to names and date.

(4) Sigh! We are one jealousy beings. We hate it when you compliment other girls. We are conscious of our looks. This is the reason that cosmetic industry makes billions. No , you are not at all jealousy types. Just a little possessive. A little too much that you can’t stop questioning about a guy whom we smiled at near the coffee machine.

(5) We would love to dress up for you. Everything you demand. Like the models or the girl who is next to your cubicle in office. Alas! We don’t have the money the movie star has or the over generous boyfriend the next-cubicle- girl goes out with.

(6) We went to school just like you, we went to college just like you and we would go to workplace too. We fought along with you all the years with the system, the education scenario and everything that seemed impossible to you. This entire thing narrows to the factor that we too are incapable of cooking or drawing rangolis. If you can do either of these, we are truly pleased and appreciative. It doesn’t mean you are doing something that a girl should be doing. We have done enough that you were supposed to do.

(7) When we say a swear word, it is just another swear word. It is not that we are showing off or pervert types or we are trying to modernize. We picked it from some guy who used it after every syllable.

(8) Don’t you dare talk about our father. We hate to do that with your mother.

(9) You pay our shopping bills. You pay the bills at restaurants. We give only missed calls. You bring a gift every time you see us. We ignore you to show that we are superior beings. You will have to make the first move.Did you also know that moon is going to swallow earth within next ten years? Ridiculous, is it? Tell me more, I am listening.

(10) Our mood swings faster than blink of an eye. You are aware right? Then, were that immediate seven missed calls necessary when we say we want to be left alone for sometime?

(11) Like the finger prints, every girl is different from another. Stereotyping doesn’t make any sense. If you knew girls were like this only and things that they expected, why wait for the “one” to sweep you off the feet?

(12) Appreciate women for what they do for you. They too have a life, a career and things to handle. It wouldn’t hurt to praise them once a while. But, please don’t make it too often that it irritates us. We know when you flatter us or lie. We just act innocent for you. We are epitome of lies. We lie to save our asses and yours.

One last question that has been nagging my mind, when you think we are so imperfect, confused and selfish, why marry us?

P.S.; I understand that not all women hold beliefs and think like I do. For those who don't, I am sorry. You can your own perception and PUT IT UP IN YOUR BLOG!