Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Introducing myself.The pain.

I am pain. I am no ambivalence because I have no further degrees of existence. Big or small, I am still the pain.

I am prevalent somehow; I can be seen through externalities like expressions and sounds, at the same time, can be hidden in emotions. Thus, this chaos of dominance makes me special yet I am the unwanted. No, I am not related to sadness because I live in all myriads of human feeling. I can be felt in sadness, cured in injury, confused in failure, understood in rejection and most important, never do I come alone.

I can never be explained. I could sweep in through you to show my presence or stay in corner of heart and make it heavy but never has anyone been able to describe what I am.

I am underestimated and need my due respects. I could show who you really are. I am the reason for your introspection. I could help you realize the worth of many other feelings that you really look forward to. Would you realize happiness without me? Gain something you have always wanted without my assistance? Adding to millions of my service, would your emotions exist without me being there?

I am not God but a way to him; make you kneel before anything that you fear or love, the choice is yours. I am sometimes the pleasure you seek and sometimes, the relief you want. I am the origin of fear and result of action you might want or wish to avoid. When I am there, you would have no other companion but me. The only thing that ever hits your sense is to get rid of me. I am sometimes, your soul mate.

I am a symbiotic nuisance; I cannot exist without your will.

Understand me, for I have been misunderstood for ages. Without me, there is no victory, no self respect and no other emotion. I am the God. I am the devil.

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