Monday, September 19, 2011

Digging deep the grave

Oh my! Did you not know the way back?
Work of art remains here though,
Did you not notice what may have left behind?
It doesn’t seem to hurt me anymore.

Blood may bleed, so may it clot
Tears may dwell, so may the heart rot,
Your happiness is embalmed in my curse,
For that every word you had uttered.

Die o love! Die in the faith you never had,
Cry in the tears of loss and suffer,
Celebrate the victory that was never yours,
Pray for the sins that were committed.

I am not your God, I am not another vain,
I am not your love,I am your pain,
Conceit to the world your peaceful thoughts,
And shake in pain deep within,

Does it hurt to see me happy?
That was much intended, oh,you blind?
Let it scar on your mind and heart,
Like that of burnt lips from fag.

Let it spread the misery of heaviness,
Like that of the fragrance of flower.
Let the flesh burn raw and crude,
Let the heart cry out loud in hell.

Ask not what are the reasons to hate,
Pebbles in the shore of river are never rare,
Choke with sadness for all that matters,
Like the smoke in you that was not let out.

When you thought that everything was over,
That very moment was the beginning,
For the mistake you made this time,
Carry the burden for generations to come.         


quizer said...

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Subs said...

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